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Here's some of the pictures I've taken. I haven't added anything for a long time now, but I'm sure there will be more some day. You can find the older wallpapers I added in year 2006 from here.

The pictures are suitable for desktop backgrounds. They are free to be used as computer wallpapers, all other use, including commercial use of any kind, is prohibited.

June, 2007. There was nothing really interesting to offer last month, but I got 3 wallpapers for you this month, all taken from outside. Enjoy the summer!

April, 2007. Here's a picture of the E. anthonyi male carrying tadpoles on it's back. The other wallpaper features Zebra Apple Snails, Asolene spixi (here's a smaller version, 1024x768)

March, 2007. The eggs in the last picture didn't make it, but my frogs haven't been idle and they managed to produce a viable clutch and there's tadpoles hatching any time now. First picture of this month is of green hydra, Hydra viridissima, pretty, but a bit annoying aquatic creature. And in the second picture there's a frog (what a surprise ;)) on the front glass of their viv. I hope you like them!

February, 2007. Time sure flies! My poison dart frogs just mated and the male is now guarding the eggs. I took a picture of that and another of the male sitting in their pool. Enjoy!

January, 2007. Happy New Year! This months wallpaper has bubbles on a plant leaf (Potamogeton malaianus).

June 2007

Lupine foliage Grass
Cherry blossoms

April 2007

Epipedobates anthonyi tadpoles Asolene spixi

March 2007

Hydra viridissima Epipedobates anthonyi

February 2007

Epipedobates tricolor quarding eggs Epipedobates tricolor

January 2007